Oddnipp D&AD

Electronic oddballs Space Ritual, bespoke selectors at Outlaws Yacht Club and Kmah Radio have always held a close connection with Exit Studios’ founder Andrew Cole through his musical guise Luv*Jam, so it was only natural the two joined forces to create not only the musical production itself but also the design and art direction. Commissioning budding illustrator Hamish Brindley the ‘Zebadiah Hammer‘ to sketch something from his ever quirky imagination. Set with clean, minimal, contemporary typographic styles and elegant futuristic colour templates, the project was the ‘dream job’ for Exit Studios. Executive Wiggler Calum Slack, gave us absolute free reign to go as ODD and NIPPI as we fancied with the overall direction. We also have a secret exclusive playlist here 

Space Ritual SR01 is out now, but very low in stock, on the super duper limited 222 units worldwide art house release.

BBC Commission

We have been working closely with Rob Hopkin the BBC Director and Series Editor Jill Robinson from Mentorn Media and BBC Scotland for many years now, including groundbreaking shows for the EU Referendum, The Scottish Referendum and several Election Specials. It was such a pleasure to work with them again for the 2018 series of the long running Sunday morning debate show The Big Questions with presenter Nicky Campbell. Working closely with Lighting Director Paul Devine, we went about updating the set with delicate typographic layers, fine dotted lines and deep gradient colour tones. We continue to work with the team on their onscreen visual identity with on-going design and art direction.

Another recently updated BBC project we have been involved in is Mentorn’s flagship show Question Time


FXact Digital

CEO Grant Murray commissions Exit Studios to create a visually exciting and dynamic brand for his new venture FXact, global specialists in foreign exchange currency markets. This was a great opportunity for us here at Exit, especially as we’ve been doing more and more international travel of late. We also created some beautiful hand crafted, embossed turquoise metallic foil cards and a range of digital marketing assets.

Question Time

Exit Studios have been commissioned by Mentorn Media and BBC Scotland to produce the new graphics and branding for one of the BBC’s flagship shows – Question Time hosted by David Dimbleby. Exit were also heavily involved in the creative direction and set of the project, also working closely with set designer Annette Whitelaw.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 16.40.34 QT2

Maya K Art


New artwork for rising dj and artist Maya K. We were delighted to work with her on retouching and typography for her upcoming projects. Look out for on InHouse Records and more very soon!


York SJU

Working with course tutor Andrew Devine, Luv*Jam was commissioned to run a specific sound design module at York St John’s Univeristy. The project was devised for students to develop an experimental piece of tropical pop music with absolutely no rules. Some amazing pieces were created and in particular a wonderful track by TURNER was commissioned to use on the forthcoming limited edition 12″ vinyl for the new L*J story – The Legend Of Gelert celebrating not only the myth of Gelert but the revered 15 Welsh mountain peaks above 3000 The catalogue is 3000.2 – and will be on general (but limited of course) release mid August. Thanks to all involved.

Snowdon Summit 3000.2_B 3000.1

ITV Commission

Love Productions commissions Exit Studios once again to complete their new series of Warwick Davies’ WEEKEND ESCAPES. Exit created updated titles and gfx versions along with specifically designed and animated UK pinpoint maps of their whereabouts that week. Executive Producer/Director Colin Rothbart.

Screen Shot1 Screen Shot2 Warwick_eng version

BBC Commission

Jill Robinson of Mentorn Television commission Exit Studios to remix their on-going BBC1 production of the Sunday morning political/religion/current affairs show The Big Questions. Presented by Nicky Campbell.





Earthmill Ltd

It’s been a busy year with Earthmill, creating their new brochures and various marketing campaigns.

Along with numerous location shoots across the country, it’s been a busy year with Earthmill…Earthmill_BrochureDPS_SIZE copy


Enter Exit working with SD Marketing for MadPax on their UK marketing campaigns.

Madpax A4

Blind Jacks Journey

Now onto BLND TRIPP.4 – check the BLND blog for more blurbs. Also check the secret NIP7 catalogue for a cheeky secret seven!

Crow Castle Cuts

Check the blog for CCC now onto RAW.3 of the ever growing collectable series

Ray Mears ITV

Ray Mears_ITV2Burning Bright Productions for ITV

Ray Mears ITV

Ray Mears_ITV1Burning Bright Productions for ITV



2020 enrol Exit Studios for latest design campaign



Latest 2020Vision design for FCL