The Yorkshire Post recently picked up on a an article written for our local read by Graham Chalmers of The Harrogate Advertiser and Knaresborough Post. The lovely Laura Drysdale wanted to know more and advance on the piece a little. A little we thought, well, how sweet, but then we saw a FULL PAGE in the centre of a national broadsheet newspaper talking about Knaresborough’s Exit Studios 1000 Projects it raised the heartbeat up a notch or two. Thanks so very much to the Yorkshire Post and Laura Drysdale and superb photographer Gerard Binks who so captured the moment for this wonderfully written article, what an absolute pleasure for us and great to discuss some of the things we’ve worked on over the years, be it from the North Wales origins, Salford as a student, London as a budding design graduate or here at home in sunny Knaresborough… yes it is always sunny here in Yorkshire right?

We wanted to advance a little by sharing this with you too, and also some of the work we do here. Exit Studios is locally based in Knaresborough, which is, I guess, right in-between both York and Leeds, both around about 10 miles or so away, with Harrogate being around 5 miles from us. We welcome local business as well as those slightly further away, we all know anything is possible online now, so distance is no longer an issue, hence some of the work being created on the doorstep with local folk, yet some for clients in Madrid and even Beijing and Brisbane for example. It could be some bespoke design for a superb local health club and spa, or local award winning hair stylist Joseph Ferraro, perhaps a brochure for West Yorkshire based clients Sportjock or MadPax, maybe even something for the head offices of Red BullITV or MTV. 

We absolutely love collaborating here with all things, art, design, music and with a creative passion to pushing a few boundaries, that’s the point right? We can at least try anyway… We have a wonderful new ‘1000’ Projects brochure here to share with you all so please please get in touch with us via the contact page or click that ‘Request a Brochure‘ button and who knows if you live in these HG zones, we may even pop by and hand deliver it.