Electronic oddballs Space Ritual, bespoke selectors at Outlaws Yacht Club and Kmah Radio have always held a close connection with Exit Studios’ founder Andrew Cole through his musical guise Luv*Jam, so it was only natural the two joined forces to create not only the musical production itself but also the design and art direction. Commissioning budding illustrator Hamish Brindley the ‘Zebadiah Hammer‘ to sketch something from his ever quirky imagination. Set with clean, minimal, contemporary typographic styles and elegant futuristic colour templates, the project was the ‘dream job’ for Exit Studios. Executive Wiggler Calum Slack, gave us absolute free reign to go as ODD and NIPPI as we fancied with the overall direction. We also have a secret exclusive playlist here

Space Ritual SR01 is out now, but very low in stock, on the super duper limited 222 units worldwide art house release.