Here at Exit Studios, Knaresborough, near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, we’re very proud to be working alongside several high profile advertising and marketing houses. They help us and we help them, just like an artistic collaboration may work, it’s something very useful, and especially for smaller operations it can prove to be an essential tool to outsource creative aspects of your projects.

Exit have worked with several local agencies here in Yorkshire, including some detailed typographic animation and styling for Agency Forty Harrogate. Such a great project allowing us to develop some beautiful dynamic typo movies and actually some beautiful in a dirty distressed manor, which suits Exit Studios to a tee. Working with their creative direction and small team of hands-on designers, we proved to be a useful asset to A40 outsourcing motion elements that perhaps they didn’t have the in-house capacity to create at short notice.

Fireleaf Marketing of Knaresborough, who are marketing specialists, needed an extra hand with brochure design and creative branding for their fantastic new website and visual identity. Having worked with Fireleaf on numerous creative briefs, they knew we could be trusted to help lift their styling off the page and out into the fast paced field of outsourced marketing. Fireleaf have a wonderful selection of clients and are fast becoming a great asset to many of their trusted clients with their ‘outsourced marketing’ approach, similar to how we have assisted them with our ‘outsourced creative design’.

Exit Studios have also worked with Leeds and Harrogate based agency Network Production, who specialise in promotional films. Having worked with owner Andy Dunderdale many times over the last 10 years or so, he enlisted us to work on their Metro educations films, aimed at a young audience of 10-12, embarking onto secondary education. We helped Network create a quirky theme of characters and storylines to help children use local bus services to get to school for the first time on their own. Metro, the leading West Yorkshire bus service were very open to our suggestions and producer, cameraman expert Andy Dunderdale created ‘easy to work with’ storyboards and voiceover which we then went on to produce. using creative suite Adobe Illustrator and  Photoshop and then animated in After Effects Pro. We worked very well together and provided a seamless flow of assets to Metro’s specific deadlines.

Exit Studios can help your project, we can help your agency be it locally here in York, Leeds or Manchester or further a field like many of our London clients, take a look at our galleries and showreel and see if we can help you bring a detailed project to life with some additional outsourced creative. The new ‘1000 Projects’ brochure has landed so please yell and we’ll send one over to view in detail. Accepting Summer and Autumn commissions now…